STUBRAND is the first official brand award trademark dedicated to identify students’ favorite brands. It gives an opportunity to all students to engage in an independent research process and thus evaluate famous brands in 19 categories under the same unique research methodology in 15 different countries at the moment.

In each country, STUBRAND publishes the results in a special country Report available only for Stubrand’s partners. These results are weighted 100% by students (young people 19-27 years old).

The information available in STUBRAND’s report will be priceless for many brands as it will help them determine how they are perceived in the eyes of students and give them an idea about how they can adapt their brand strategy to become more appealing to the young generation.

For a brand to be STUBRAND certified, it means enjoys a positive image and trust among the most important customer groups in every market. Its quality is verified by them and for that reason, this certificate helps customers save their time and energy in the process of choosing and purchasing products.

Thus, STUBRAND’s certification gives brands’ owners an unique opportunity to further promote their brands strength in front of the entire student population, and through them in front of the entire public, thus further strengthening their positive image in their targeted markets.